My name is Stephan and I am 17 years old. I am a student in the mathematic profile at the KZO. Thanks to the optional classes at our school I could expand my knowledge about robotics, but I am just at the beginning and I still want to learn more skills. I always loved to solve STEM based problems and robotics is a great way to do so. I still have a lot to learn in the technical regard, but as the team captain also want to improve my leadership skills and train our new members. The Ultimate Goal challenge is promising a lot of possibilities and fun and I am ready to take part!


My name is Raphael. I’m a student at the KZO, where I got into robotics around 2017. I’ve also been programming since before that and I’m happy that the FTC gives me the opportunity to expand even more on my programming skillset. I’m particularly focused on project management and code maintainability, as it is something with which I have struggled a lot in the past. Working as a team is also a skill which I hope to improve by participating in the FTC. I see the FTC as a great possibility to find out what parts of STEM I like.


My name is Matteo and I am 17 years old. I have taken the elective Robotics at KZO for three years and I have participated in the national robotics competition WRO Switzerland twice and once I even qualified for the WRO Friendship Invitational in Denmark with my team. In the future, I would like to study Electrical Engineering at ETH as I am very interested in STEM and have attended courses like the ETH Math Youth Academy in the past. This year I found out about the FTC and now I am looking forward to participating.


I’m Eleni and I’m 16 years old. I am in the science profile at our school KZO. My first experiences with robotics were in the optional subjects of our school where I participated in WRO competitions. This is my first FTC season so I still have to learn a lot. I love to do robotics and to learn new things about it. I love to do robotics and to learn new things about it. In my future, I want to go to ETH to study. I’m not quite sure what yet but I would love to become a scientist one day.


Hi, I’m Ronny. My career intention is into a STEM oriented profession by following vocational education. With my more practical skills I can bring new aspects into building and programming robots. Moreover, I like to use my organizational skills which I acquired in the youth organization. I’m fascinated how robots come to live and perform specific tasks. I’m curious as always what the Ultimate Goal Challenge will bring.


Hey, I'm Erik. I'm 14 years old and I go to school at the KWI. My interest in robotics was awakened 3 years ago at WRO. I am interested in everything from the idea, to the design process, to the finished robot. This is my first year on this team and FTC, however I have been to several competitions at WRO. It is great to meet with teams from all over the world, exchange ideas and have fun together.